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How to Begin With Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs

Many people have talent when it comes to writing. For many it just seems like a fun hobby and a way to pass the time. However, with the struggling economy, more people are turning towards writing jobs to make a living or supplement their current income. If you have never

Keyboard, Pen or Pencil?

keyboard, pen or pencil

What do use more often pencil, pen or keyboard? Are you a keyboard person, a pen man or a pencil guy? Are you the lady of ink, the mistress of plastic or the women of wood and graphite? Do you rather use a keyboard (computer / iPad / smart phone) a pen or a

Making a Living with Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs

It is entirely possible and quite easy to earn a living through a writing job, especially now that the internet is so prevalent in modern-day society. A writer can work as a journalist, copywriter, marketing specialist, fiction writer, non-fiction writer, translator, ghostwriter, or one of many other professions. The best thing about many