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Sin dolor no te haces feliz (El Duelo)

Sin dolor no te haces feliz (El Duelo) Con una lagrima de fe sobre tu piel  olvide la grieta que dejo tu amor  pero ese instinto taurino de tu ser  me obligo a azotarte tiernamente  Sin dolor no te haces feliz  sin dolor no te haces feliz sin amor...  no sufres mas  Toda esa noche provocaste ver en mi  lo que a nadie muestro en la intimidad  pero ese forma de mirada que hay en ti  me obligo a matarte lentamente  Sin

What’s in a Word?

keyboard, pen or pencil

From Phonetics to Neologism  Words are, at their most basic, compilations of diverse sounds. Phonetics is the branch of the linguistics tree that concerns itself with the sounds of speech and their creation, fusion, and illustration through transcribed images. Sounds are characterized by the location and method of articulation; and the

The Language with the Most Words

English is the language with the most words

What is the language with the most words? To determine the language with the most words would be a task almost impossible in its objective. Counting words would be like counting the stars in the night sky or the grains of sand on a beach.  It would take many people working

What is the language of truth?

What is the language of truth?

What is the language of truth? Is there a language, where all words are truthful and it is impossible to use lies? Some people think that there is no truth in language and it words have more than one meaning, so the a 'truthful language' couldn't exist al all. They believe that truth, if