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Linguistics and Sign Language

Sign Language

People of communities known as the “culturally deaf,” by linguists, primarily use Sign (or signed) languages. Hand signals, facial expressions;   the positions of the body, head nods and other physical indications—even the silent mouthing the words— are implemented as a means of communication. What is the Significance?   The study of sign

Language Acquisition

Baby language

It is normal for children to be exposed to language in that adults and older children are constantly speaking to and around them. Children develop language skills rapidly, and most children's speech is somewhat well formed by the age of three-years old. Typical children are able to hear and comprehend

How does a Language die?

Language Die

A dead language is one that is only used in special contexts, such as medicine, prayer and science, and not in everyday life. When I think of dead languages, Greek and Latin come to mind immediately. However, I’ve recently become aware of the vast number of languages that are not only

Exploring Dialects

Language Dialects

Dialects Defined Language communities have distinct ways of speaking that are unique unto themselves. Their lexicon, language rules, slang and accents are what set them apart. These distinctions are commonly referred to as dialects. Many times a group develops a unique dialect when they are socially or regionally isolated from other