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The Dream of Speaking English

Speak English

When non-native speakers arrive in the United States, they quickly realize that it is very challenging to get by without speaking English very well. For young children who arrive with their parents, it is rather easy to learn English because their young brains are still perfectly wired to learn language;

Can You Learn a Foreign Language Online Without a Teacher?

Language teacher

Due to the increasing cost of college courses and private tutors, many people are starting to wonder if it is possible to learn different subjects, specifically foreign languages, without a teacher to guide them. The answer is most definitely yes. With the motivation, time and proper resources, anyone can learn

How language barriers impact peace and negotiations

No peace

There are many ways in which language barriers can impact and affect the everyday functioning of life. From problems communicating with one’s peers to ascertaining a job, these are some of the more minor of the language barriers problems. Yet, these minute problems can lead to bigger issues as well.