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The history of English

History of English

English Language Every language has a deep and fascinating history. The development of any language into its various dialects and sub scripts is a historian’s dream study. One among such a language is the most widely spoken language if modern times, English. Originally a West Germanic language, English saw its birth

The history of the Arabic Language

Arabic alphabet

Arabic Language Through the vast lands that stretch across the Middle East and North Africa, there is a variety of the ‘Arabic’ language spoken. Arabic is the name given to those descendants of the language from the 6th century AD.  The main forms of Arabic are its literary form and the

Tracing the History of Languages

History of Languages

With over five thousand languages spoken on this planet, how could they ever be traced back to a common root language? Where did it all begin? Was there ever just one universal language? According to the Old Testament’s tale of Babel, there was but one method of speech. Biblical legend