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The Dream of Speaking English

Speak English

When non-native speakers arrive in the United States, they quickly realize that it is very challenging to get by without speaking English very well. For young children who arrive with their parents, it is rather easy to learn English because their young brains are still perfectly wired to learn language;

Infancy and Language Education: Starting Early

Baby language

At what age should we begin our child's language education? There are many different aspects of life that are taught to newborns and infants. From basic life skills, to movements, to cognitive enhancers, education starts early for many babies, as it should. One of the areas that should really be focused

How does a Language die?

Language Die

A dead language is one that is only used in special contexts, such as medicine, prayer and science, and not in everyday life. When I think of dead languages, Greek and Latin come to mind immediately. However, I’ve recently become aware of the vast number of languages that are not only

Language Education in Public Schools

Language at public school

What is the current situation of Language education in the public schools? While it is very common in Europe to have language education in public schools, the situation in the United States is a bit more complicated. In the United States, the majority of children attend a nearby public school and