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Infancy and Language Education: Starting Early

Baby language

At what age should we begin our child's language education? There are many different aspects of life that are taught to newborns and infants. From basic life skills, to movements, to cognitive enhancers, education starts early for many babies, as it should. One of the areas that should really be focused

Teaching Languages as Primary Education

languages for kids

The debate about whether or not it is advisable to teach languages to students from their primary level education is long-winded. There are many who are in favor of this concept, while others believe it does not achieve anything. The latter believe students are likely to forget the language by

Best Age for Language Education – When Does A Learner Reach the Language Learning Peak?

Study Languages

Learning a new language is a process that takes time. Although most people believe that younger learners are more adept in blossoming as proficient multilinguals, there is much ambiguity surrounding the best age for language education and the exact age at which a new language should be introduced. Often the