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Learn English grammar online

English Grammar Online

One might wonder why should one attempt to learn English grammar online if one already has a working knowledge of the language. Well the answer is that in order for having English as second language to prove beneficial, it is certainly not enough to just be able to speak and

Common English Grammar Mistakes

Grammar Mistakes

English may not be the most widely spoken language, but it definitely is the most popular one. And because of this, it has undergone many changes over the centuries. People usually get confused with some words. Similar sounding words can especially be puzzling, resulting in English grammar absurdities. Also, when

Top Mistakes in English Grammar

Grammar Mistakes

What are the most common English Grammar mistakes that everyone makes, well, almost everyone. English grammar can be almost as confusing as trying to figure out if a mouse is a male or female! So, if you are just beginning to learn the English language and find that you are constantly

Making a Living with Writing Jobs

Writing Jobs

It is entirely possible and quite easy to earn a living through a writing job, especially now that the internet is so prevalent in modern-day society. A writer can work as a journalist, copywriter, marketing specialist, fiction writer, non-fiction writer, translator, ghostwriter, or one of many other professions. The best thing about many