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The Dream of Speaking English

Speak English

When non-native speakers arrive in the United States, they quickly realize that it is very challenging to get by without speaking English very well. For young children who arrive with their parents, it is rather easy to learn English because their young brains are still perfectly wired to learn language;

Anxiety of Public Speaking in Foreign Language

Second Language

Even before TV sets had become household items, people could see brilliant actors, emotional speeches and otherwise impressive public performances usually on a theater stage. Though new technologies have changed the world in many ways since then, public speaking remained a valuable skill not only for public performers, such as actors,

The Best Universities to Study English

Learn English

There are many American universities that offer ESL classes so that you can learn English in an educational setting with great success. But which colleges are the best to attend to study English? That is what I will share with you in this post. The College at Brockport At this Rochester institution

English as Second Language

Learn English

Today, English as Second Language or ESL is becoming more the norm than the exception when it comes to being able to successfully find a job. Having English as Second Language makes it possible for you to have a world of opportunity in front of you, which might not be

Learn English grammar online

English Grammar Online

One might wonder why should one attempt to learn English grammar online if one already has a working knowledge of the language. Well the answer is that in order for having English as second language to prove beneficial, it is certainly not enough to just be able to speak and

Why so many immigrants don’t speak English?


Immigration is a hot button issue in America today. There is a lot of misinformation going around that causes people to make statements such as “When my family came to America they learned English right away. Those who come here today just don’t want to bother to learn.” Or, “The

Should All Americans Learn English?

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The need for an US national language is a subject that has been brought to the forefront of every patriotic American’s thinking. Should every American citizen be required to know English? Should learning English be a requirement of becoming a citizen? In times past, in order to work, shop or deal