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The Dream of Speaking English

Speak English

When non-native speakers arrive in the United States, they quickly realize that it is very challenging to get by without speaking English very well. For young children who arrive with their parents, it is rather easy to learn English because their young brains are still perfectly wired to learn language;

Take the TOEFL to Study Abroad: How to Prep for Success


The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an important test for students who want to attend a university in the United States, even though they are not from the United States and they did not graduate from a high school in the United States. This test is

Why English Grammar is So Challenging

English Language Mistakes

There are several challenges to learning English, but one of the biggest challenges by far for non-native speakers is understanding the grammar. The English language borrows from so many other languages, so grammar and construction is not based on one singular language style. Many of the grammar rules are not

Learn English grammar online

English Grammar Online

One might wonder why should one attempt to learn English grammar online if one already has a working knowledge of the language. Well the answer is that in order for having English as second language to prove beneficial, it is certainly not enough to just be able to speak and