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With the constant development of technology and the ever growing boundaries of the internet, everything is made a little easier. Translation of language is no exception. Google Translate or the Google Online Translator is a multilingual free translation online tool for the translation of written text from a language into another.


Is it Necessary to Learn the Language to Travel to a Foreign Country?


Should you learn the Language of your destination country before going out travelling? If you are planning a vacation to a foreign country, it may be wise to learn a little about the native language of that country. Complete fluency in the language is not necessary for simply traveling to a foreign country,

Translation Jobs – Do You Have What they Need?

Try translating

Another interesting article from one of our writers discussing translation jobs: A career in translation and interpretation is a very attractive one. The job possibilities are huge, the salaries are great, and there is always an incentive of onsite transfer. However it is important to understand if you are really passionate