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The Benefits of Language Exchange

Language Exchange

If you already have a basic knowledge of a foreign language but you want to increase your understanding, participating in a language exchange may be extremely beneficial to you. A language exchange is essentially when two or more people who speak different languages come together and teach each other their

Join Social Groups and Communities

Language Groups

Reading articles may not be enough, so please visit one of our pages and join relevant language education social groups. Sometimes a community is exactly what you need in order to have success!   Please visit pages below: Facebook: Facebook Page Linkedin: Linkedin Page Google+:  Languages Google+ Page            Google+ Community Please join Facebook groups: Languages (Facebook

Learning new languages: What’s the role of social media?

Role of social media

What role do the social media play when it comes to learning new languages? Gone are the days when Facebook was just about scribbling on people’s walls, Youtube was just about watching randomly interesting videos and Twitter was just about following people. Times have changed. All these varied social media platforms