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Learning is Fun with Children’s Literature

Children’s literature

Could you improve your language skills by using children’s literature? For many decades, parents and teachers have been reading to their tiny tots about the ventures of scores of storybook characters such as "Hansel and Gretel", "Goldilocks" and "The Little Red Riding Hood." Even today, these classic childhood tales are taught to

Language Education: Private Vs. Public

Private Vs. Public Education

Language education can come in many forms and in many different environments. Most often, formal language education comes about in the classroom setting. There are, however, different types of educational classrooms in that there are private and public options. Private schools and public schools offer children and, sometimes, adults the

Best Age for Language Education – When Does A Learner Reach the Language Learning Peak?

Study Languages

Learning a new language is a process that takes time. Although most people believe that younger learners are more adept in blossoming as proficient multilinguals, there is much ambiguity surrounding the best age for language education and the exact age at which a new language should be introduced. Often the