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Linguistics and Sign Language

Sign Language

People of communities known as the “culturally deaf,” by linguists, primarily use Sign (or signed) languages. Hand signals, facial expressions;   the positions of the body, head nods and other physical indications—even the silent mouthing the words— are implemented as a means of communication. What is the Significance?   The study of sign

Is it Necessary to Learn the Language to Travel to a Foreign Country?


Should you learn the Language of your destination country before going out travelling? If you are planning a vacation to a foreign country, it may be wise to learn a little about the native language of that country. Complete fluency in the language is not necessary for simply traveling to a foreign country,

Study English in the United States

Study English

In the United States, the idea of studying English is quite different from what it means around the world. When college students in the United States decide to pursue a degree in English, it is very different from pursuing a degree in Spanish, French, or Latin. English Degree in College While English

What Languages should you learn?

Learn Languages

The English language is perhaps the most important language in the entire world. It is used heavily in commerce and business in almost every other country, and it is the most popular second language learned by people all over the world. In the United States, high school students are required