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Study English in the United States

Study English

In the United States, the idea of studying English is quite different from what it means around the world. When college students in the United States decide to pursue a degree in English, it is very different from pursuing a degree in Spanish, French, or Latin. English Degree in College While English

How To Evaluate Language Courses Before You Enroll

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Not all language courses are created equally. There are many different variations in the types of courses available to individuals, depending on their location, and the nature of the courses themselves. For that reason, it becomes important for the individual student to look for a course that is right for

What Languages should you learn?

Learn Languages

The English language is perhaps the most important language in the entire world. It is used heavily in commerce and business in almost every other country, and it is the most popular second language learned by people all over the world. In the United States, high school students are required

Steps to Study English Successfully

Study English

In the world of international business, English is the most common language used. Those who aren’t native English speakers have to wrap themselves in the language. This does not only mean studying from text books; it also means immersing themselves in environments that are fully English-speaking. This is the overall

TOFEL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language


There are many tests that an individual may be confronted with when they want to participate in a college course or attend an institution of higher learning. These tests include those that assess the student’s ability to read, write, and understand concepts in areas such as mathematics and the language

Why Public Schools Should Teach Arabic & Hindi

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For decades, public schools have been teaching a few languages, but as the world changes, language education seems to change very slowly, if at all. Most schools teach Spanish, which is a great choice because of the large number of Spanish speakers all over the world. However, there are other