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Why It Is So Great to Speak Two or More Languages

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In today's global world, the ability to speak more than one language is blessing in disguise. The Internet has brought the world closer together, but our languages still keep us apart. When people can speak at least two languages - with some level of fluency, they are able to bring

Translation Jobs – Do You Have What they Need?

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Another interesting article from one of our writers discussing translation jobs: A career in translation and interpretation is a very attractive one. The job possibilities are huge, the salaries are great, and there is always an incentive of onsite transfer. However it is important to understand if you are really passionate

Where to Work as a Translator

Translation Jobs

In the global economy, translators have so many opportunities for great paying jobs. People who are multilingual have opportunities to work for huge multinational corporations or they can work for themselves offering their services online or locally. Because translating needs to be extremely precise, translators can make a comfortable living