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The history of English

History of English

English Language Every language has a deep and fascinating history. The development of any language into its various dialects and sub scripts is a historian’s dream study. One among such a language is the most widely spoken language if modern times, English. Originally a West Germanic language, English saw its birth

Anxiety of Public Speaking in Foreign Language

Second Language

Even before TV sets had become household items, people could see brilliant actors, emotional speeches and otherwise impressive public performances usually on a theater stage. Though new technologies have changed the world in many ways since then, public speaking remained a valuable skill not only for public performers, such as actors,

Unsuccessful ESL: Why American Schools Get It Wrong


English-as-a-second-language or ESL classes have been conducted for several years in public schools all over the United States. Public schools start ESL classes for children  in classes as early as kindergarten so they can teach those children how to speak and understand English. Many schools also provide ESL classes for