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Almost everything... We are currently playing with some exciting new  features such as directory, event calendar, forums, language exchange meetings, social capabilities, guest blogging and personal blogs (ya, your own personal free blogs, cool!). While we do so, the website functionality might change overnight with no prior notice. It is only for

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Reading articles may not be enough, so please visit one of our pages and join relevant language education social groups. Sometimes a community is exactly what you need in order to have success!   Please visit pages below: Facebook: Facebook Page Linkedin: Linkedin Page Google+:  Languages Google+ Page            Google+ Community Please join Facebook groups: Languages (Facebook

What will be the language of the future?


English, Arabic, French, Chinese or perhaps Esperanto, what will be the language of the future? English, as we all know, is the leading international language. Everywhere you go, language schools are offering English classes, English language courses and English summer schools. All is about English. However, what will be the situation in