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How To Become a Language Translator

Language translators play an important role in our society. Consider this; you have to speak to the police or a doctor. You are having no luck doing so because of the language barrier. This is why most organizations have language translators on hand for the purpose of proper communication. This is not the only purpose of language translation. Translators also translate writing and work with immigration services. They are important to colleges, the court system, all types of businesses and various community service programs.

Now you may be wondering how it is that you can become a language translator. I am here to give you the answer. For those who are interested in this line of work, they should begin by taking as many language classes as they can. They should also aspire to a degree in the study of language. One of the best states to study to become a language translator is Connecticut and you can get more information on what they have to offer from

In order to become a language translator, you must become proficient in their field, whether it be law, business or anything else. This is in addition to being proficient in the language you have learned. You also must become certified as a translator. This is achieved through taking exams that are given by the American Translators Association. You can find out more about the exam by visiting  Here you will find information that will be very beneficial if this is the career path you wish to peruse. Taking this certification exam is a very serious undertaking. You must be dedicated, prepared and ready to dive in feet first and do a good job. However, if you do not pass this does not mean your dream is dead. You can take the test again after a period of time.

The most common place for certified language translators is in the court room. With so much crime in our country and so many people who do not speak English, translators are the key to justice. Typically court translators must be fluent in at least two languages and must also take a certification exam to work in the court system. In fact, even though you are already nationally certified, most employers will require you to take their own tests before they will consider hiring you. Even though this is quite a process, it is well worth it if you love language. Plus the money doesn’t hurt either!


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