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Google Online Translator

With the constant development of technology and the ever-growing boundaries of the internet, everything is made a little easier. Translation of language is no exception. Google Translate or the Google Online Translator is a multilingual free translation online tool for the translation of written text from a language into another.

In early 2007, for languages other than Chinese, Russian and Arabic, Google along with other translation services like Yahoo, Babel Fish and AOL used a translator based on SYSTRAN. The Google online translator is filled with many user-friendly features. There exists a possibility where the service allows you to enter searches in a source language which is translated to the destination language which allows you to browse and interpret results from the destination language in the original source language u specify.

In the case of some languages, users are asked for an alternate translation such as for a technical term, to be included for future upgrades to the translation process. A foreign text maybe typed, and where the option of “Detect language” is selected, the service not only detects the language but will also translate the written text into English by default. Another key feature of this service is its browser integration in both Mozilla Firefox as well as the Google Chrome. Though it was one of the most popularly used online translators, Google translate had its limitations. There was a restriction on the number of characters that the service translates.

Other popular versions of the Google online Translator are the android and iOS versions. Android OS users have the option of downloading the Google Translate application for free. The first version of this application was launched back in January 2010. Its functions are like browser version. “SMS translation” and “History” are the two main options that can found in the Google android application. In early 2011, a version of the application was brought out which supported Conversation Mode while translating between the languages of English and Spanish. This new upgrade within Google Translate enables users to have a fluid conversation in another language with a nearby person. This was upgraded further in October to 14 languages. The application is easily available for all Android mobiles that run on Android 2.1. It can be downloaded from the Android market.

The year 2008 played host to the introduction of Google Translate for the iOS run devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iTouch. The application accepts voice input for up to 15 languages and allows translation of words or phrases into one of more than 50 languages.

With all the good things considered however, on May 26, 2011, there was an announcement by Google that the Google Translate API would stop functioning on December 1, 2011. This was mainly due to the unnecessary economic burden of the project. This shut down has led to wide-spread worry over viability of the application in respective company products.

What do you think about Google Online Translator? Is it the best online service, or just another online translation tool, like so many others?


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