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When Language Programs are Right for You

If you are looking to learn a foreign language and you need to find a perfect language program, you have many things to consider. Since many people do not have the opportunity to travel to foreign countries for language immersion, they need to find programs that will work for them. However, before they can find the perfect language program, they need to know what will work for their learning styles.

Children who are under the age of six have the easiest time learning languages, because the child brain is wired specifically to learn language. Over the early school years, the wiring for language learning shrinks – even though people continue to learn words and phrases as they continue to age. Even though adults continue to learn words and phrases all their lives, it is the first language that they learn; so, when it comes time to learn a second language as an adult, most adults find it very challenging.

There are so many different language programs available for adults, from free iPad apps to expensive programs like Rosetta Stone, but those programs may not be effective for every adult who tries them. Language learning involves listening, speaking, writing, reading, and remembering. Not all language programs treat all of the aspects of language learning the same, so you will need to figure out what will work for your learning style the best.

Most people have one or two dominant learning styles and when you know what they are, you can choose a language learning program that will be perfect for your personal learning style. Most people have one of three major learning styles: auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Auditory learners need to hear language to understand it, visual learners need to see the works they are learning, and kinesthetic learners need to practice using the words to learn them. Learning language usually involves all three of these learning styles, but some language programs will focus more on one style.

A good language program will have opportunities for learners to use the words in a variety of different situations. The program should get learners involved in seeing the word in print as well as hearing someone saying the word. Most language programs should have the two learning styles paired together. These two practices will help the visual and auditory learners. It is with the kinesthetic learning that language programmers need to be creative. Many adults need to get involved in using the words to be able to cement them into their long-term memories; because, young children usually just need to hear the words, because that is the way the child brain is wired and why children are able to hear and speak language before being able to read it. Interestingly, most language programs for adults involve reading the word before hearing it or practicing it.

If you are looking for a perfect language program for yourself, the best way to find one is to try the free ones first. Since many language programs can cost in excess of $100, you certainly do not want to spend the money and then find out you do not like working with the program. Most programs have free trials so you can see if you like the design of the program. Listen to the voices, try the activities, and then decide if you like the way the program looks. If you are not visually  or audibly attracted to the program (for example, you do not like the fonts or colors), then you will probably not use it as often as you should.

Once you find the perfect program, it will not be long before you begin to start speaking your new language.



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