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Why It Is So Great to Speak Two or More Languages

In today’s global world, the ability to speak more than one language is blessing in disguise. The Internet has brought the world closer together, but our languages still keep us apart. When people can speak at least two languages – with some level of fluency, they are able to bring people together. There are several other benefits, too.

Scholarships for Language Students

One of the earliest benefits of speaking two or more languages is the opportunity to earn more scholarships for college. When students are bilingual, they can apply for more scholarships than their monolingual classmates. There are scholarships for students who are pursuing degrees in languages, but there are also scholarships just for students who speak more than one language. High school guidance counselors can help students search for scholarships and students can even do searches for scholarships that are created for students who speak Arabic, Spanish, Danish, or whatever language they speak. Scholarship creators will need proof that applicants actually do speak the language.

More Job Opportunities

Another benefit is that there are more job openings for people who are bilingual. In communities where many people speak Spanish and English (like South Florida, Los Angeles, etc.), employers are more likely to hire candidates who can speak to the majority of residents in those areas. Schools want employees who can speak multiple languages and translators are in high demand. Communication is incredibly important and being able to cross boundaries is the best way to break down barriers around the globe.

Easier Traveling Experiences

Traveling to other countries is much easier when you speak more than one language. Many people avoid traveling to foreign countries because they do not know how to ask questions, read street signs, and order at restaurants. It can be frightening to travel somewhere and not be able to communicate, so people travel in their home countries. It is a shame to miss out on everything that the world has to offer because of lack of language skills. It is not very difficult to learn some basic phrases before visiting another country.

Appreciate Art in Another Language

Other benefits are not as transparent. When you speak more than one language, you can appreciate and understand more art. There are amazing pieces of music with lyrics written in foreign language. There are also beautiful and entertaining movies written and produced in foreign languages; they are easier to enjoy if you do not have to consistently read subtitles when watching a movie. If you do watch subtitles in a film created in a foreign language, be sure the subtitles are in that language so you can practice your skills.

Relax and Let Off Steam

To keep life interesting, you can also use your foreign language when you need to scream and shout. When you are having a bad day and you need to let off some steam, shout in your second language and not your first language. You will feel much better very quickly!

Help Others with Your Language Skills

You can also help other people express themselves when you have more than one language in your life. There are often volunteer opportunities for people who are bilingual, because community agencies are always looking for more ways to communicate. As the world gets smaller, the need for speaking multiple language is getting bigger. Don’t miss out – learn a second language and be proud of it!


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