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Create Your Own Language Event: Get the People Talking

If you love languages and you love being able to use your language skills, why not get an event going in your local community? If you prefer to play online, you could even get an event going that way, too. So many people enjoy are able to speak more than one language, but their daily activities limit them to using just one language throughout the day. When you are feeling the need to create a community of second language speakers, it just takes some time, ingenuity, and a loud mouth.

Spending Time

When you want to create your own language event, you do need to have some time on your hands. The reason that you need time is because you will need to plan the event. It is important to figure out exactly where you want to hold the language event and what type of event you want to create. The type of event will often be decided based on where you will hold the event. In many cases, you will have to pay for the event, so you will need to decide what you can afford and whether or not the event will be free or if you will charge an entrance fee. You might even want to speak to local small business owners to see if they would be willing to offer their place in exchange for some added business for the event.

Using Ingenuity

Your time will also be spent organizing the advertising to get people to your event. If you want to draw people who speak foreign languages to your event, you will need to create something interesting that will be worth visiting. Events will need to have food, music, learning experiences, and affordability. In some communities, language events act as showcases for communities business that are owned by people who have ties to immigrant communities or to those who speak multiple languages. If you decide to open up your event to community businesses, you might be able to use a community center for free. Then the businesses supply the food, music, and other reasons for the public to attend. You ingenuity will be needed when you decide what to do and how to do it.

Flaunting Your Big Mouth

The next thing that you need to get your event filled up with other foreign language speakers is a big mouth. There is no need to start shouting from the rooftops, but you will need to advertise your event so that people will know it exists. As always, social media is a perfect way to let people know that you will be holding an event. It is always a good idea to use the Invite feature on Facebook and be sure to use Twitter as well. If you are involving local businesses, encourage them to get active on social media, too. If you can afford to have fliers or small posters printed, those look nice in store windows.

Organizing Online

If you prefer to create an online event, there are several sources that can be used. When you want to be able to talk to people that you already know, Google Hangouts can be a fun place to chat. All you need is a Google+ account. If you want to involve people that you do not know, they you will need to make arrangements through a meeting website. This will take more work with online marketing to get people to come to your event, so you will want to give people a reason to come and talk. It is a good idea to have a topic and maybe even a celebrity in the language world – like a college professor who can help people with their language issues.




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