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Unconventional Ways to Learn a New Language Outside of the Classroom

Everyone has different ways of learning. For some people, classroom instruction is best. Or, at the very least, a one on one tutor. When it comes to learning a new language, there are several other ways to go about it. There are various reasons that people do not want traditional teaching and learning. For some the cost of the classes is too high. For others, there is a feeling of intimidation when having to say foreign words aloud in front of teachers and classmates. Whatever the reason for not wanting to go to learn a new language in the traditional classroom setting, there are other options; in fact, a few of them are quite unconventional and this is what draws people to them. Of course none of the methods we will discuss below are meant to replace book learning. You don’t have to go to class to get book learning, simply pick up a foreign language book, a language CD or a computer program so you can learn at home along with the following suggestions.


Studying Menus

This method is fun and especially great if you are a foodie! By studying restaurant menus that bear the language you are trying to learn, you are adding to your knowledge. If you online you will be able to find a ton of menus in whatever language you are studying. If you can, actually go to a restaurant with authentic menus and try ordering in the new language.

Changing Up Phone Settings

Most people always have their cell phones hooked to their sides. These devices have become like an extra attachment to our body! Most all cell phones have a choice of language to set the device to. Choose the setting of the language you are studying. This can really intensify your entire learning experience since you will have to learn what all the words mean in order to operate your phone.

Movies and Television

You would be surprised at how quickly people pick up on movies and television shows in other languages. For instance, even if you do not know Spanish, watch a Spanish soap opera and see how quickly you figure out what the story line is. People have been doing this for years and it has helped many people to learn faster, and inspired people to decide to learn.


Have you ever heard people say that music is a universal language? If not, you have just heard it from me! Personally, I love to listen to the Spanish music channels on my car radio. Since I was already studying Spanish, listening to the music really helped me to immerse myself deeper into the language. I would even look up the songs online and translate them so I could compare the words and learn how to sing and understand it in both languages.

It has been said by many language teachers that in order to be successful in learning a new language, you must totally immerse yourself in the culture of that language. I have personally found this to be true. The more you expose yourself to the language in every way possible, the quicker you will learn and the easier the learning process will be.

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