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Language Translator Career in the 21st Century

A language translator is a person who converts words from one language to another. Although the basic need for a translation job is proficiency in two languages, but a degree certainly helps. With the rise in global interaction at all levels, the language translator career has started to assume greater value. Every day a lot of text, software, and marketing and technical documents are being converted in and out of more than one language. This is a golden time to begin your translation career. It is a glamorous career, and pays well with ample opportunities of self advancement.

Translation jobs

There is a worldwide need of language translators. Whether it’s about translating a French literary text into Swedish or converting presentation slides from Dutch to Swahili, there is an absolute bounty of employers looking to hire translators. As more and more people from different languages network together, the world feels the need for more translators. In industries like real estate, education, law, healthcare, tourism, defense, fashion, or entertainment, there is always a demand for someone who can make sense out of a foreign language.  Most job offerings look for a multilingual or at least a bilingual candidate who meets their language requirements. A college degree in language translation helps in entering the professional field. And with some years of experience, you can grow in the industry and have a fulfilling career.

What does a translator do?

As a translator you might be required to convert a company’s brochure into the target language. It could be any language, but if you’re smart you’ll apply for a post where both the source and target languages are known to you. There are two types of translation positions. The first requires translation to and from two or more languages. The second one is simpler and requires translation from one language to another. The first type needs a multilingual, while the second type needs a bilingual person.

Although it varies from one employer to another, a translator could earn around $40,000 yearly. This usually happens when you have a senior level degree with a few years of experience. Freelance translators could also earn handsomely by working for international corporate clients. Majority of language translator jobs involve in-house translation. However, there are a few exciting offers which allow an employee to travel overseas for projects.  Hence, to make it big in the language translation industry, you have to gain professional exposure and back up your skills with a relevant translator training. 


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