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How To Get Writing Jobs – Online And Offline Writing Job Search Tips

If you like writing, you definitely want to get your work published someday. If you want to become a celebrity author, the first step would be to gain first hand writing experience. Searching for writing jobs online could help stimulate your talents with the pen (or keyboard) and provide a platform for young guns to train. It is no surprise that almost all writers begin their career writing for online and offline portals until they find the one big break that changes their life. It is possible to find awesome writing jobs if you know where to look.

How to get writing jobs if you’re a new writer

The first step is preparation. Put some sample articles in place and build a portfolio. Although an internship or coursework in writing helps, the ultimate deciding factor is your sincerity and capability. It doesn’t do any good to keep your ambition private so get the word out. Network with people and tell them you’re looking for writing jobs. Referrals work like magnets and before long you’ll find yourself writing for multiple clients. Draft a cover letter and together with your samples, contact prospective employers either through emails or via traditional posts. Sometimes you can call them up and schedule an interview. It would also be nice if you decide on the type of writing jobs you want. Take time out to settle upon a writing specialization and then pursue it accordingly.

Various websites offer writing jobs

Popular websites like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, and Guru offer thousands of writing jobs to both new and seasoned writers. These are strictly freelance positions where a writer or contractor is offered a writing assignment. Employers from around the world post their requirements at these sites and award the project to a suitable candidate. It requires writers to display some credentials to land these jobs. If the employer is satisfied with the quality and approach of the writer, all future assignments could be allotted to them.

As you grow in experience and experts, you can graduate from writing for magazines to being a full time writer and make a living out of it. There are various tools to help writers fine-tune their skill and search for higher paying positions. Until then, participate in writing contests, promote your writings through social media, and get yourself a blog and update it regularly. Your own personal writer’s website is also a good way to bag a writing job.

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