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Why Learning English is Important in a Global Economy

English is the first language of many countries and the unofficial second language of countless more. Learning, understanding, and being able to speak English opens up a world of opportunities, especially in the globalized economy of today. To get a high paying job in any English speaking country, fluency in the language is vital, and a basic knowledge is necessary just for day-to-day life. Many people fear that learning English is too hard, but it is much simpler compared to certain languages like Chinese or Arabic. English is based on an alphabet of 26 letters, and English words are created by putting these letters together. Idiomatic expressions, grammar and punctuation seem to be some of the hardest concepts to understand, but a dedicated student can have the language mastered in no time at all.

Since English is such a widely adopted second language in non-English speaking countries, it is important to know when traveling abroad. Many foreigners can communicate effectively in English, even if one person primarily speaks Dutch and the other’s first language is Japanese.  In addition to traveling, English is also great to know for business. Many non-English speaking businessmen learn English because a lot of business is done with the US, Australia, the UK, and other English speaking countries. America alone is a large economic force in the world, and anyone doing international business is likely to find that English would come in handy more often than not.

Even if you don’t need to speak English for your benefit, you may like to learn it for your children’s sake. As the economy becomes more and more globalized, more countries will turn to English for the sake of business. Preparing your children to enter this global market at a young age will present them with countless opportunities when they get older. It has been proven that immersing oneself in a language aids tremendously when trying to learn it, so speaking English at home will help your child greatly.

Once you get started, learning English only becomes easier. There is no better time to start then now, as the sooner you get started, the quicker you will be able master the language. So to set yourself- or your child- up for success in a global economy, start learning English as soon as possible. The opportunities for improvement that you get when you learn English are far more numerous than the ones that you get with any other language.


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