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Careers For Your Passion: Where The Writing Jobs Are

Many individuals seek out opportunities to use their talents and love for writing as a means to make a profit. A career in writing is not always easy to access but there are many different writing jobs available if the right venues are found. If you are interested in a writing job but are unsure of where to go to find it, the following explains more about popular locations for finding writing jobs.


One location where writing jobs can be found are at newspapers. Many regions and communities offer local newspapers that speak to the issues happening locally. They can offer opportunities for writers to join their ranks and get their feet wet in the writing world. These writing jobs will send individuals chasing stories and information and have them write about them in an informative tone. There are also opportunities for creative writing jobs at newspapers as well. These are creative in the sense that newspapers often offer individuals the chance to provide opinions or editorials that are driven by an opinion rather than strictly reporting duties. Aside from local newspaper writing jobs, there are also national papers as well. Writers can find great and lucrative success through these venues.


Much like the writing jobs offered at newspapers, there are magazines that offer jobs to aspiring writers as well. Magazines can be geared toward a certain subject matter, such as cars or fashion, and often require writers who know information regarding a specific topic. These jobs can be hard to come by as they are highly competitive. However, local magazines can be a great resource for those starting out because they may be less competitive than the national magazines that are available all over the country.

Technical Writing

Writing jobs can also require technical expertise as well. Technical writing jobs are those that require an in-depth knowledge of a product or an industry. These jobs require individuals to write in detail about how to build something, install a product, or how to use one. They are driven by a need for detail because these writing jobs must provide information and translate that information to another individual who may have no experience with the topic. These writing jobs are often tedious but they are beneficial in that they can be very financially lucrative.


Blogs also offer individuals the opportunity to find writing jobs. Blogs or online magazines utilize the same idea as traditional print media but in a nontraditional setting. The result is a process in which individuals find themselves using the internet to share their works. There are many different ways to make money from this venture. First, an individual working for an established blog or online magazine may gain access to funds by being paid per article. If they are running the blog themselves, they may also get paid for their efforts by providing advertising opportunities on the site. Sponsors can provide money to advertise on popular blogs and this increases the bottom line.


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