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Use Your Language Skills to Get a Promotion at Work

Everyone appreciates getting a promotion at work, but not everyone knows how to earn one. If you are fluent in more than one language, you might be on the fast track to a promotion and not even know it. Many employees are too humble to reveal that they speak more than one language and many do not know that being fluent in more than one language could be a reason for a promotion.

Communicating with the Global Community is an Asset

As companies make the moves to go global, they need employees who can communicate with the global community. If your employer does not know that you have abilities to speak two or more languages, your employer might hire someone else to fill a better paying job. You will need to advocate for yourself and let your employer know that you have the ability to communicate in more than one language.

Language in the Locality

Even if your employer just operates in the local community, you can still use your language skills. Most communities are no longer monolingual, so you can help increase your employer’s presence in your area. Employers are always looking for ways to attract new customers and if you are able to use your language skills to bring in more sales, your employer will certainly consider you for a promotion.

Create an Event to Draw a Minority Group

You could create an event geared to attract people in a minority community in your area. For example, if you speak Tagalog and your community is home to many people from the Philippines, you could help your employer create events or products that would cater to that group of people. Once a group feels respected by a company in their local community, that group will continue to support that business. If you are the reason that your company has attracted a new customer base, your employer will certainly reward you for your effort and hard work.

Use Your Second Language to Find New Customers Online

Since many companies do business over the Internet, there is also a possibility that you could earn a promotion by creating a customer base in a new country. For example, if you speak French and your boss has been trying to break into Vietnam, you could be the person who makes the first contact. Your ability to speak more than one language could make a big difference in how your company does business.

Train Your Colleagues

If your company frequently does business with people who speak your second language, you could be tasked with training fellow employees with phrases that will help them communicate with your customers. Your employer might even consider paying for you to attend classes to become a trainer to help your colleagues.

Once your employer realizes the value of your skills, you will be in high demand. If your employer does not reward you with a pay increase or a promotion, you might want to start looking around for an employer who will appreciate your skills.