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Where to Find the Best Writing Jobs

If you are a freelance writer, or wish to become a freelance writer, you may be confused about many things. For one thing, what should you charge for your services? For another, where you do look for freelancing jobs? These are the questions I will answer her that come directly from personal experience. Writing jobs are actually plentiful if you know where to look, so keep reading so you too will have this valuable information.

This is the site I use for my work. They atmosphere is excellent and there are so many jobs available at all times. Though it costs to bid on jobs, the prices are extremely reasonable and the fees end up paying for themselves with your first few jobs. The more jobs you work, the better your rating gets and this makes you more coveted by the clients. The wages you can make on Elance depend on many factors. Some people work by the hour. By the hours jobs can be anywhere from $5 per hour (I would never advice anyone to take this amount) up to $50+ an hour. Other jobs are fixed price escrow which are the only ones that I will do. With this way of working, you set a fixed price for the writing job and the money is put in an escrow account by the client so you are certain to get paid as long as you fulfill the aspects of the original contract. When you are first staring out you will have to build up your reputation before you can make decent money and land good jobs. Personally, I began by working for $1 per 100 words. Now I typically charge $3 per 100 words and no less than $500 for eBooks. Sometimes I will go lower and sometimes higher depending on how low my job cart is and how much I really want a particular job. However, unless you have an impressive education in English or writing, you should not charge high prices without a good Elance reputation. To find out about getting started on Elance visit


oDesk is another great freelancing site in which you can find great writing jobs. It is basically the same thing as Elance with just a few different rules. The biggest difference is the tax information. On Elance you only have to enter your tax ID information to work on jobs that require that you file a W-9. This decision is up to the client. When it comes to oDesk, you  must enter your tax ID in order to sign up for work on this site. So, if you would rather not have your writing job income disclosed to third parties it is best not to go with oDesk. For more information, go to

These are the top two places to search for writing jobs. Now let me advise you against a specific site if you are serious about being a writer and making good money. When I began I did so on Keep in mind that I am not saying anything about this site that is untrue. The majority of the employers are from Middle Eastern and other Eastern countries. The pay scales and what wages are acceptable in that part of the world is quite from that in the Western world. For instance, you may be asked to do a job that pays $1 per 500 words. This is where I began simply because I did not know any better, but this wage is totally unacceptable. It would take you all day just to make $10! The employers know this and therefore take advantage of those who are not in the know or those who live in foreign countries whom they know will jump at the chance to make any amount of money. So again, avoid any sites or jobs that offer unfair and low wages. Choose your jobs carefully and make sure that you are getting paid what you are worth!

The last option, but perhaps the best, is In Job Board you may find some of the best writing and translation jobs available. Try


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