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Coolest Language Learning Websites

Learning a new language demands the two hardest things- time and dedication. Some have practical reasons for learning another language while some credit this to intellectual or sentimental factors. Whatever your reason may be for this learning venture, you must make sure that your journey turns out to be enjoyable and productive. In order to obtain successful results in a timely manner, leap into what is termed as language learning websites. Computer assisted learning boosts both individual learning or bidirectional language learning. Here are some of the coolest apps you can integrate in your language learning program.

1.       BUSUU

Busuu is the online app that integrates crowdsourcing in its language learning software. Apart from providing a variety of flash cards for new phrases and words, this application also offers testing opportunities to answer questions and practice writing. Furthermore your answers will be checked by other Busuu users who have the language you are learning as their native language. The free Busuu application allows users to study only one language. However, if you buy the premium membership, you can avail many other benefits one of which includes studying many languages at a time.

2.       VOXY

This is one of the most practical apps that helps you in enriching your language skills in the real world. The entire app has been built keeping in view the company’s mantra of “Learn a language from life”. By activating your Voxy account, you can access and explore ample news stories in your targeted language. All these stories are collected from topmost publishers and further edited in order to fit your reading level. These audio supplemented pieces offer you to practice comprehension and tag vocabulary words in order to study later. Voxy also provides a number of social features and fun games thereby helping you to connect with other learners.

3.       Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages is the forerunner among the language learning applications available online. Their enhancements consist of cultural and language lessons in order to aid the learner in speaking the language naturally. Other perks include software games and interactive quizzes that provide instant feedback. All these elements combine to generate an effective and fun way of reinforcing the lessons perfectly into the learner’s mind. Rocket Language Certifications are also provided which have been considered equivalent to the high A1 and A2 standards of the Common European Frame of Reference. Common member forums are also provided online so as to promote cumulative learning among other Rocket members and teachers.

These are only three popular language learning websites, among many others. Each one has its own list of practical sites, where we can improve our language skills. What are your list of popular language learning websites?


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