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Should you learn the Arabic language?

Do you speak Arabic? Would you like to study that language? More and more people are now taking Arabic language lessons. But have you thought why? Read on to find the answer:

1. It is the fifth most common native language on the planet!

It is recognized as the official language of more than twenty countries all over the world. In these countries, more than 300 million people speak the language. Although the main concentration of the speakers is in the Middle East, a large number is present in other parts of the world as well. The language is recognized by the African Union, the Organization Islamic Conference, Arab League, and the United Nations. With so many organizations in its support, people are trying to learn what is so unique about this language.

2. The teachings of Islam, in the form of the Quran, are written in Arabic.

The teachings of Islam are recorded in the Quran. And this book is completely written in Arabic. To understand the holy book’s meaning and to explore the teachings of Allah, many Muslims and non-Muslims study Arabic.

3. Sudden increase in demand of Arabic speakers in the Western countries.

The Gulf War, Afghanistan war, and other international issues have brought the Arab world into the limelight. Apart from this, most of the oil is already being imported from these countries. These, along with other socioeconomic and political reasons, have increased the importance of the Middle East in matters of international relations. But there are very few who have learned Arabic as a foreign language. People who learn the language can get plus points for job interviews as well. The language has become relevant for fields like business and industry, finance, journalism, education, banking, consulting, intelligence, and foreign services among others.

4. Financial incentives for Arabic learners.

The government of the USA is viewing Arabic language in terms of strategic importance. The world is shrinking and people from various communities are starting to live together. To make citizens aware about Arabic, the government had instituted a National Strategic Language program in 2006. This program is aimed at recognizing the most important languages across the world. Arabic is one of them. Various scholarships are given to people who wish to learn these languages. Support is provided for courses at every level. One can start at the beginner stage and visit different countries to learn the language.

5. Increasing influence over the World’s market.

The combination of Arabs and other citizens of the world is proving to be very successful. Business opportunities, especially in the field of alternative energy, are now opening across every nation. The Arab region’s strategic location on the map is also a plus for it. Many people are now shifting to this region for residency. This has opened up avenues for businessmen to sell their goods. The region has an annual GDP of more than $600 billion. This means goods from the region are acceptable all over the world as well. To have proper trade relations with such countries, one needs to understand their language. And that is why learning Arabic is becoming so important now.


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  1. every language has it’s characteristic. French is very romantic, German a bit harsh, Russian ‘ a language of gangsters’ etc., and Arabic the language of holy scriptures.


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