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Why ESL is such a big thing?

Being new to a country can be difficult. There are many different barriers to overcome. From the culture to the geographical locations, there are many different obstacles that can be placed in the path of someone who is in a foreign land or country. If coming to an English-speaking country, an individual may require language education as well in order to be able to communicate with others in their area. For that reason, ESL courses may be required in order to help them and give them an education in this area. Just what is ESL and how does it benefit an individual? The following explains more.

What is ESL

ESL is a term given to the study of English as a second language. It is the process by which individuals who speak a different language are taught the nuances and intricacies of the language. Teachers provide students in ESL programs the opportunity to learn the ways in which the English language works as well as the process of speaking the language and of communicating with others. For that reason, ESL courses are especially important to getting the language education necessary in order to speak and thrive in the English-speaking world.


The most common location where ESL programs are taught is at the collegiate level. The reason for this is because many students from around the world attend programs and attend classes outside of their native speaking countries. The result is a need for resources that will teach them exactly the skills necessary in order to make sure that they get the most from their programs. This is not the only location, however, where ESL courses are taught. High schools or lower tiers of education offer students the chance to learn a new language. These courses are most likely to be offered at institutions of education at institutions with a large student population of diversity or at private institutions that accept individuals from across and around the globe. Community and cultural centers offer students the chance at ESL as well. ESL courses offer students and individuals from around the world the opportunity to gain access to these courses and can be a great resource for those that are not wanting or able to attend college or a course at a lower level of education.


Teachers and instructors in ESL come from all walks and locations of life. They may be from a foreign country that does not speak English but have grasped the concepts fully enough to teach to fellow expatriates. They may also be from an English-speaking country and able to teach individuals in order that they can make the best possible choices in this field. No matter what, though, these individuals serve as an important link between the culture of an old land and a new one and can become more than just an instructor but a lifeline to success and flourishing as well. That is why ESL programs are so important and why they continue to grow in their use and accessibility.


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