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TOFEL, the Test of English as a Foreign Language

There are many tests that an individual may be confronted with when they want to participate in a college course or attend an institution of higher learning. These tests include those that assess the student’s ability to read, write, and understand concepts in areas such as mathematics and the language arts. One of the most popular of tests administered to students wanting to participate in English language institutions is the TOFEL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). So just what is this test, why is it utilized, and who uses it? The following explains more.

What is the TOFEL used For?

The TOFEL, or, the Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a test that is administered to assess the competency and the overall abilities of an individual in the English language. This test assesses the ability to use the language correctly as well as understand it. Through a series of questions, the student is assessed for their abilities in order to better understand their overall proficiency levels. This is important to assess for many reasons. First, a student who cannot speak or write English well may not be able to be instructed as easily in a classroom setting that relies on English as a primary language. If a student is at a disadvantage such as this major one, they may not be able to keep up with the instruction are doomed before they start. The TOFEL will share this information with an institution and allow them to assess whether or not an alternative program is right. Further, a student who scores low on the TOFEL may not be able to communicate their needs to professors and the school as easily. This can make them feel alone in their educational journey and frustrated by not being able to keep up and understand completely. For that reason, the TOFEL serves a vital role in both assessing the student’s abilities and protecting them from being left behind.

Who Uses These Tests?

Most colleges and universities that accept foreign students will rely on the TOFEL for assessment of students that come from other countries. This is important to do because these individuals could be at a risk for failure, as aforementioned if the program is too advanced. Another reason that individuals choose to take this course is for other programs of education that rely on English in their instruction. These can include ESL courses where there is actually the known need for more instruction in the area. If this is the case, the test can let an institution know where the individual stands and their abilities as a whole. In this way, then, the TOFEL is an amazing resource for these purposes. It can also be used for scholarship and grant purposes as well.

How Popular

This test is extremely popular in its usage. There are over twenty-seven million individuals who take this test each year. Students from around the world participate in this test and find the information useful. As the global reach of institutions grows, so, too, will the need for language efficiency tests like the TOFEL.


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