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Steps to Study English Successfully

In the world of international business, English is the most common language used. Those who aren’t native English speakers have to wrap themselves in the language. This does not only mean studying from text books; it also means immersing themselves in environments that are fully English-speaking. This is the overall key to the successful learning of English. Knowing how to study English successfully will get you to where you want to be much faster than you may think and this post will give you some basic yet beneficial information on how to achieve your language goals.

Step 1

The first step is the most obvious and the biggest no brainer of learning a new language; begin with the basics! This includes basic English reading skills and the basic ability to listen to the sounds and pronunciations of English words. You have to begin somewhere and there is no place like the beginning!

Step 2

Studying English takes a great deal of dedication. At least once daily, ideally for no less than one hour, listen to programs that are in English. News and discussion programs are the best options since you are more likely to hear a more proper level of English than say on a sitcom. Some excellent sources for listening are the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and the NPR (National Public Radio). When you first begin this listening routine it will be hard to follow what is going on, but once you do this activity for a while you will slowly be able to understand the tone and speed of the English language even though you are not picking up all the details.

Step 3

At least three hours each day should be spent reading articles in English. Just like it says in step 2, news articles are the best reading sources. Overall, reading English helps in building your phrases, idioms, vocabulary and the concepts of structure of the English language. Do so reading out loud as well so you can hear yourself and learn better pronunciation.

Step 4

Learn about the English phonetic alphabet because this will also help with your pronunciation. It will also help you learn how to use the correct tones so you can at least make some headway with communicating with other English speakers. This step is a very big deal for those who are not native speaking English people.

Step 5

Develop friendships with people who are native English speakers. This can be a very hard thing to do because reaching out to someone in a different culture without being fluent in the language is  challenge for many people. However, without having people with whom you can communicate with in proper English, it will be nearly impossible to master the language. Even if you cannot speak English well yet, you can listen and carry on conversations in the best way you know how. This is the most helpful learning tool for you to have in your English study arsenal. Do not be shy about asking questions because this is the only way you can truly learn what  you need and want to know about English.

Step 6

Always have an English dictionary with you no matter where you go. This way, if you are having a hard time recalling a specific word or term, it is right at your fingertips. You can also download English dictionary apps on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 7

This may be hard to do at first, but try to think in English. Of course we tend to think in our native language, but by practicing thinking in English you are putting yourself one step closer to a successful language cross-over.

In addition to the above steps, you should also be taking ESL classes. These classes will make the other steps easier to put into action and make you a successful English speaker in no time at all!  Just don’t forget the following things:

  • Never skip your English practice
  • Never stop looking for new things to learn
  • When you first begin, avoid sitcoms and more modern English that contains a lot of slang that is not pertinent to learning the actual language.

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