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How can you learn a new language online?

Whether you are going to a foreign land to join a job or to pursue your higher studies, learning the local language of that country is really important. You might think that having a workable knowledge of English would be more than enough… but trust us, it is not! Well, may be your professors or colleagues will be able to communicate in English; but don’t expect the local shop owners or your new neighbors to do the same. And life is really going to be troublesome if you can’t communicate with people living around you. So while packing your bags and booking the flight tickets, get yourself acquainted with the local language of your new destination. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be an expert in that language; only a beginner or an intermediary will do great! Here are some effective tips to help you with. There are many ways to learn a language online. Take a quick look –

Watch some tutorial videos – Well, one hour of watching and listening to a tutorial video is as effective as a class of five hours. This is so because while listening to somebody speaking that language, you need to be lot more involved and cautious than you will be while reading a study guide. Also, if possible, converse with people who are well versed in that language.

Try to be regular – Try to devote a certain period of time every day to that language, preferably when you can concentrate the best. Remember that it’s better to study for 30-40 minutes every day than to study for 3-5 hours once a week. If you have thought of devoting one to one and a half hour a day, try to break it up in two or three different sessions.

Don’t hurry and concentrate on learning the basics – Due to lack of time you may hurry towards the advanced sections of the course. But remember that you can’t progress with the difficult things unless you have a clear concept about the fundamentals. Though it will take you some time to get familiarized with the orthography and the pronunciation of the new language, without a fair knowledge of this, you will find it really difficult to tackle the advanced aspects.

Revise regularly what you have already learnt – Make sure that every lesson is revised frequently. While learning the new lessons, go through the previous lessons once or twice daily. Give your brain some time to digest the material, but make sure the gaps between studies are not too long. Or else you will forget most of the things that you’ve already learnt.

Highlight on phrases and words – Try to make your vocabulary as strong as possible. Notice how the words are placed into sentences. Try to read online journals of that language, using online dictionaries and make a vocabulary list of your own.

Don’t panic if you tend to commit silly mistakes – Even when speaking your native language, you make some mistakes. So it’s very obvious that you won’t be able to able to speak flawlessly at one go.

Follow these simple ideas and learning a new language will become really easy.


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  1. Thanks for this great article. One of the most impressive examples of video language courses is Besides tutorials the website offers videos with native speakers who show how a language is spoken and applied in realistic situations. Thus you learn important vocabulary and complete phrases, its pronunciation and language structure. But by watching these scenes one learns even more than just languages, since it also shows typical behaviour, gestures, mimic and some intercultural messages.


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