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Why most people are using Oxford English Dictionary

What is today’s most popular English dictionary? Why most people are using Oxford English Dictionary?

When most people think about a dictionary, they think of Webster’s. However, there is a dictionary that well outrun Webster’s, and no matter how good Webster’s is, it cannot touch the Oxford English Dictionary. This is the most through, expansive dictionary the world has ever known and it is forever changing to keep up with the times. So, if you want the best and most popular English dictionary, don’t waste your time; go directly to the source which is the Oxford English Dictionary.

Dictionaries are the backbone of all languages; they tell us the meaning of words and help us to learn a wider vocabulary than we ever thought possible. Although it may sound strange to some, there are those who actually read dictionaries as they would other books in an attempt to broaden their knowledge of their language. This may sound like an odd choice of reading material, but reading a dictionary tells us a very real tale; that of the English language. For many people, this is just as interesting as any fictional book! One of the world’s best dictionaries is the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). This dictionary is more widely published than any other in the world. Not only does it give us definitions, it also provides the pronunciation, meaning, and history behind over 600,000 words. Being published more than 150 years ago, this dictionary is considered a historical text. Currently it is being revised, as it occasionally is, to reflect the changes that have that have come about in the English language.

The OED is a handy tool for writers. Words are like magic, and for writers this magic can come in many forms. It can sometimes be difficult to choose our word; especially when we are looking for the right words to convey a feeling they wish to get across to their readers. The OED can give writers a wealth of information dealing with meanings, synonyms, styles and much more. It can also be helpful when they need to be historically correct in order to keep their words matched with the settings they are being used for. (Example, a civil war period piece.) The OED helps writers better understand how the English language has been used and how it is still being used. It gives them the knowledge they need to put their words to paper and make them stand out in the intended way. If what they are looking for is verbs, the OED tells them which ones are most commonly used. This can help in choosing one that is popular, or steer them away from the commonly used ones in order to find something more unusual and defining. The same information can be found on nouns and adjectives as well. Everything a writer needs is at their fingertips when using the OED. This is one of the things that make it a tool that is special to writers and the world. As far as specialized dictionaries go, it is at the top of the list.


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