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The easiest Languages for English speakers to learn

What are the top three easiest Languages for English speakers to learn?

When doing research on the easiest languages to learn, I found a lot of conflicting information. I suppose how easy any language is to learn depends upon the person who you ask as we all learn differently and have different strengths and weakness when it comes to language acquisition. However, even though there were conflicting opinions, I did manage to find a few languages that the majority of people seem to agree as the easiest languages for native English speakers to learn; these are the ones I will share with you here. And, just to add some more food for thought, I will also link you to other opinions on the easiest languages.


The you probably already know, French is a romance language. You may be thinking that this is actually a difficult language to learn and if so, you are correct in some respects. The French language has more verbs than the English language does (17 to 12) and more nouns that are gendered. Pronouncing French words can also be a difficult task since the vowel sounds are quite different and there are several silent letters. However, there is a bright side! Just like with all of the romance languages, French derives from Latin which makes the vocabulary very familiar to those who speak English as their native language. Although this is a point of contention and debate among linguistic experts, it is theorized that the French language was influenced from at least a third of the vocabulary found in the English language. This makes it more even with English in that there are more common lexical grounds between English and French; more so than any of the other romance languages.


Ah yes, another romance language! The reason this language is said to be easier for English speakers to learn is that it has very good readability for beginners. This language is written in such a way that it comes in a fluid motion once you learn the few phonemes such as ci, ghi, or, etc. Most words in Italian end in vowels and this makes it a fun language to speak because it sounds almost like English in many ways. Grammatically speaking, Italian follows the general structure of the rest of the romance languages; this means nouns that are gendered and word order that is similar. One other reason that this is supposed to be an easy language to learn is that it has fewer forms of verbs as compared to Spanish and French. Surprisingly enough, many people begin learning Italian by reading menus from Italian language and then it just begins to flow from there!


Spanish is almost a must for native speaking English people. This is due to the large influx of Hispanic immigrants all over the United States. Because of this, English-speaking people are exposed to the Spanish language much more than any other language. This may be one reason that it has been deemed one of the easiest languages for English-speaking people to learn. In the Spanish language there are only ten diphthong sounds whereas English has only 20. Just like with Italian, the orthography in Spanish if quite clear and very simple. The words are written just as they are pronounced and this makes it easier to read. Grammatically speaking, Spanish has less irregularities than other languages which makes it even easier to learn.

These are the top three that I have found in all my research on the topic. However, there are many more that people consider to be the easiest. Some of them include Swedish, Portuguese, Frisian (an area of the Netherlands), Romanian, Danish and Afrikaans (derived from the family of Western Germanic languages).

Do you agree with me? Do you also find French, Spanish and Italian The easiest Languages for English speakers to learn?


5 thoughts on “The easiest Languages for English speakers to learn

  1. Yes, I agree, I think that spanish, italian and french is the easiest languages for english speakers to learn, and among spanish, italian and french , the easiest language is Spanish. Spanish grammar is simple, there are few irregularities and there are not so many pronominal particles as in italian language (ce, ci, ne) and french language (y, en); also the phonetic sounds are simple, the only difficult is the pronunciation of “j” (jota), that has a guttural arabic sound, especially in Spain (european spanish).
    see you, bye bye

  2. One great thing about learning Spanish is that there are 200+ million speakers, so it is easy to practice. Sometimes, a language might be “easy”, but it is difficult to actually use in real life.

    For instance — I’ve heard that Afrikaans is easy for English speakers, but it is much harder to practice.


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