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Infancy and Language Education: Starting Early

At what age should we begin our child’s language education?

There are many different aspects of life that are taught to newborns and infants. From basic life skills, to movements, to cognitive enhancers, education starts early for many babies, as it should. One of the areas that should really be focused upon in infancy is language education. During the early weeks, months, and years, is the golden opportunity for language to be absorbed and cognitively recognized. The following explains more about the benefits of this education for your child and why you should work with your child on these skills early.


Believe it or not, early language education can be a great confidence booster for your child. A child that has grasped the concepts of a new language can feel a sense of personal accomplishment. They may not be able to verbalize this confidence as you teach them, especially in infancy. However, the confidence that is developed early on can become apparent later on in life. A child who has a firm grasp on their native tongue or on a foreign language can feel accomplished and this works to their advantage in building self-esteem.


Having a solid foundation in language education, be it native or foreign, can help a child with reading comprehension. A language education that has begun in infancy can make learning the syntax of words in sentences or letters in a word much more easily understood and the concepts of reading grasped more quickly. The result is an easier transition into reading and this can be one of the greatest benefits of early language education.

Building The Mind

Another great reason to start education in infancy and language education especially early is because of the benefits that it has for the mind in general. As with any muscle, building the brain and asking it to work again and again can be a great way to build stamina. If you start your child thinking early, especially about language, you will find that this can actually transition into other subjects as well. The brain is a powerful tool and building up its stamina early in life will only serve to make it easier to use in multiple subject matters.


Spending time teaching your child about their native language or a new one can be a great way to spend time together in a meaningful way. Teaching is one of the greatest forms of bonding and through early and infancy language education this is possible in a beneficial and interesting way. Consider this as an additional reason to start language education with your child during the earliest years, months, and weeks of life.


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