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What is the fastest growing language online?

Is English the most used language online? How many people are reading articles in the Arabic language when they use the Internet  How long should it take before Chinese (Mandarin) will outrun English as the world number one online language and what is the fastest growing language online? Learn what was the online languages diversity in 2010 and what should the picture be today.

With all the languages spoken all over the world, it is no surprise that many of them are also used for online purposes. The information I will provide here comes directly from the Internet World Stats. This organization tracks language use online and has pin pointed the top ten online languages. So here we go on a journey through the language of the World Wide Web!

Internet World Stats has done very detailed research on this topic and has set up two separate tables on information. We will first begin with the Top Ten Languages in the Internet chart. This research was conducted in 2010 and estimates the numbers in the millions. Here is what they found:

  1. English with 536.6 million people on the internet that were using it for communication
  2. Chinese (Mandarin) with 444.9 million people
  3. Spanish with 153.3 million people
  4. Japanese with 99.1 million people
  5. Portuguese with 82.5 million people
  6. German with 75.2 million people
  7. Arabic with 64.4 million people
  8. French with 59.8 million people
  9. Russian with 59.7 million
  10. Korean with 39.4 million

According to this list, all the other languages used in 2010 total up to be 350.6 million when they are all combined as one. They were not listed since this was a top ten languages only. More details indicate that English is still the number on language for internet use, with more than 500 million people turning to it for means of online communication.  As far as growth goes, English online has a steady rate of growth and has gone up to 301% in just one year. Although Arabic was not at the top of the list, this is the fastest growing language that is used online. Even though this language only makes up 65,365,400 people, the growth rate of the Arabic language online is an astounding 2,501%! That is quite impressive and very telling of what the future of internet language will be.

All of this information was sourced from, so if you are interested in reading more on this fascinating topic, click the link and you will have yourself plenty of information to pour over!


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  1. Interesting – I suspect it is still English but Arabic is on the increase … I am starting MS Arabic in January along with Mandarin so maybe I’ll have a clearer idea then.


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