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Top Ways to Improve Your American Accent

Do you wish you could speak in an American accent? Go ahead and learn how!

In America you can hear many different accents. This is the melting pot of the world so this is not so unusual. However, many people who are not American by birth find themselves wishing that they could improve their American accent so they can sound more English. This is usually not because they wish to lose who they are culturally speaking, but more because they want to assimilate better and have a stronger chance at getting a job. Unfortunately, many deserving and qualified people don’t get the jobs they apply for because of their accent. So, although it may not be easy, below are some good ways to improve your American accent.

Tip 1: When talking with English-speaking people, watch closely how their mouths move and try imitating the movements. A big part of an accent in how you move your mouth. You can do this when talking with others, watching television or simply observing conversations between others.

Tip 2: Speak slowly until you reach the point when you learn the right rhythm and intonation of English. If you notice, even when you are good with your American accent, when you get angry or anxious your original accent comes out tenfold. So, slow down so that others have will have an easier time understanding you. If you are concerned about people getting annoyed with you for speaking slowly, don’t be. It is much more important to say things properly rather than quickly. Once you get comfortable with your American accent you can speak at a more natural pace.

Tip 3: Study the dictionary. This is a good way to get more familiar with the phonetic symbols in the English language. The dictionary will also help you learn now to correctly pronounce the words you are learning.

Tip 4: Pay close attention to words ending in “ed” and “s”. By doing this you will make your mouth muscles stronger. These are the muscles that you will need the most when speaking English in an American accent.

Tip 5: Studies have shown that it takes about three months of regular practice to develop mouth muscles that are strong enough to peak any new language. To help with this development you should read out loud to yourself or someone else every day for at least 15 minutes. This is very good practice.

Developing an American accent will not happen overnight, but try not to get frustrated. If you practice you will eventually succeed. And for more help, go to Accent Training.


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    1. Thanks for the comment, however, please respect the efforts mae by the author of this article, even if you don’t agree with his writing. It might be that she has some good point here.

  1. Improving your American accent will not make you sound more English. It will help you sound more American. You appear to confuse English with American which are separate cultures.


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