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Keyboard, Pen or Pencil?

What do use more often pencil, pen or keyboard?

Are you a keyboard person, a pen man or a pencil guy? Are you the lady of ink, the mistress of plastic or the women of wood and graphite?

Do you rather use a keyboard (computer / iPad / smart phone) a pen or a pencil for writing? Perhaps the right answer is none of the above and drawing or body-language is your way.

What kind of person are you?



4 thoughts on “Keyboard, Pen or Pencil?

  1. Well, I’m that kind of person that people call “crazy”. I love write so much, no matter the support or instrument, I use pen, pencil, marker, keyboard, etc…even if, I have to admit, pen/pencil is my favourite, so discrete, cosy and handy, you can put your pen and block-notes in a bag and write in any moment, in a bus or at the park and you don’t have any problem of battery autonomy!
    Over more… here in Italy, I may only use terrible, obsolete, assembled computers with a terrible keyboard :-))


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