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Business opportunities for translators

Are there any good business opportunities for translators?

Languages keep evolving every day. And that’s probably why there are plenty of job opportunities for translators. It’s a field of work that’s global and thankfully, growing. Across the world, as industries grow and more jobs develop, the need for translators increases. So, if you’re considering working in this sphere, it’s important to know avenues that are available.

Kinds of translation work
Just thinking you’ll work as a translator isn’t enough. That is because there are different kinds of translation work that you can try. If you want to work in the print medium, you could try getting a job in the editing and publishing industry. Such a role would require you to work with written material. You may be requires to translate the given messages perfectly in the target language. In some instances, if required, you may also need to do some developmental work while translating written material from one language to another.

In case the print medium doesn’t excite you, you could experiment with an interpretation job. As an interpreter, you would need to verbally translate discussions or conversations at meetings, conventions and other events. Interpretation jobs can be widely classified into consecutive interpretation jobs and simultaneous interpretation jobs.

In consecutive interpretation, you have to translate once the speaker has finished speaking. Unlike consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation is all about translation in real-time. Take your pick depending on what you’ve been trained in.

Where to find work
When it comes to business opportunities for translators, there are a variety of work sources you can approach. If you’re seeking a role that lets you be on the go most of the time, you could hunt for an opportunity with an international public organization. But if that’s not your cup of tea, see if you’d like to work for a translation agency. There are many such agencies out there. You may event want to land a corporate translating job.

Private organizations often outsource their translation work. For translation jobs in the print medium, you could even approach newspapers and magazines. If you’re looking at verbal translation (read: interpretation) jobs, you may want to look at public bodies like the UN and UNESCO.

Such opportunities are also available in plenty across the corporate world where you may be hired for interviews or HR sessions. For written as well as verbal translation jobs, you could approach courts and other legal bodies. If you’re trained in verbal translation, being a guide translator could also work for you.

The internet is a great boon for anyone who’s looking to be a translator. There are multiple free databases where one can find work. Take websites like Translatorscafe, Proz, Elance, oDesk and Translation Directory for example. They all act as platforms where linguists and their clients can engage in productive online interaction. These lively labor marketplaces and communities are a great starting point for anyone interested in becoming a part-time translator or even a full-time one.

Things to remember
Before you set about exploring job opportunities for translators, it’s important that you make note of a few important things. For one, that it’s often crucial for you to be trained in translation.

A lot of high-profile public and private organizations pay heed to a candidate’s educational background. Even if you have the right skills, it’s important that you highlight them well enough. In case you are new to this field of work, you would need to add some work to your repertoire first. Treat this step as you would treat an investment.

Go ahead find work with a not-profit organization and don’t expect to be paid a bomb. In fact, for the first one or two projects, it might be a good idea to do some work for free. For starters, you could even do an internship somewhere. Even looking out for mentorship programs isn’t such a bad idea.

Finding business opportunities for translators isn’t all that difficult. Just make sure you know what kind of translation work you want to do. In addition, make sure you pay attention to basics. The rest will just fall into place.


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