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Tips for learning Arabic Language

So you want to learn Arabic? That’s a great decision!  Did you know that Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. While it is widely thought to be a difficult language to master because it is not Latin based, it is the language of the Koran. Many people choose to learn Arabic, just so that they can read the Koran in its original language. Here are seven tips for starting to learn Arabic:

  1. Learn the 28 basic letters of the Arabic alphabet.  Since the whole crux of any written language is based on the alphabet, it is best to start here. There are sites on the internet that will give you the proper pronunciation of each letter.
  2. Get an Arabic language partner. It would be helpful if they already knew Arabic, so you have someone to practice with. If you can’t find an Arabic speaker, then see if one of your friends or family members would learn Arabic with you. You can also use the internet to hire an Arabic tutor to talk with you over Skype.
  3. Place Arabic flashcards on items found around your house.  This is a common strategy for teaching young kids to read English in the United States. It works even better for adults acquiring a new language.
  4. Learn some basic phrases in Arabic. Choose phrases you use frequently in your own language.  “Good morning”, “How are you?”, “I am well”, “I am OK”, and “Have a nice day” are common phrases to start with. Whenever you see your language partner, replace those phrases spoken in your native language with the new Arabic phrases.  Even if you don’t have a language partner, it would be advisable for each time you speak your native language phrase, that you repeat the phrase in Arabic quietly to yourself.
  5. Watch Arabic TV.  This is a great way of becoming familiar with the spoken Arabic language. Immersing yourself in Arabic will speed up your learning of the language. Of course, the best way to learn any language is to place yourself in a situation where it is basically the only language spoken, but for most of us, that is not a realistic option.  You can leave your TV on Arabic channels while you clean the house.
  6. Obtain a copy of your favorite music CD in Arabic.  When trying to learn English, most people play English music.  Music stimulates your brain, and having songs you already know will help you understand the meaning of the words.  Similarly, you will quickly find yourself singing along with your favorite songs in Arabic.
  7. Set aside 15 minutes a day to practice your new language.  The more you practice Arabic, the faster you will learn it.  Practice writing and speaking Arabic.  Say the words out loud as that will reinforce your new Arabic language by not only speaking it, but hearing it too.

Using these seven tips will help you learn Arabic faster by increasing your knowledge of the language.  You will soon find yourself needing to add more common phrases to your Arabic vocabulary.  So start practicing and enjoy yourself.

What do you think, do you know any other tips to learn Arabic that should be written here?


5 thoughts on “Tips for learning Arabic Language

  1. Fatma Ben ,the only reason for me is to read Kor`an,no other reason in this language “Arabic” ,kor`an is sweet but i see not this beauty in routin arabic ,not at all,i think there are many differences between routin arabic and koran arabic,obviously,they are not the same,

  2. There are many varieties of Arabic including Classical / Qur’anic, Modern Standard and the dialects, which exist along a spectrum of change (see the brilliant Said Badawi for more). If Egyptian Arabic and /or Modern Standard Arabic is your thing, then check us out Lingo Village at Lingo Village, where you can learn the most widely-spoken and widely-understood varieties of this beautiful language.


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