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Making a Living with Writing Jobs

It is entirely possible and quite easy to earn a living through a writing job, especially now that the internet is so prevalent in modern-day society. A writer can work as a journalist, copywriter, marketing specialist, fiction writer, non-fiction writer, translator, ghostwriter, or one of many other professions. The best thing about many of these jobs is that you don’t even need a degree, just a little bit of natural talent and a lot of practical experience. If you are into the creative aspect of things, experience is not even necessary. JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter with little experience, she just came up with the idea and started writing about it, and now she is one of the richest women in the world.

If you want to work as a journalist, experience might be necessary, but it is not hard to get. If you want to write about video games, for instance, you can start a blog. You won’t get paid directly, but when you eventually apply for a journalist position, you have practical experience under your belt. One of the best things about journalism is that there are so many different facets in which one can excel. You can pick from news, entertainment, sports, opinion, and more, so there is something for everyone.

Many journalists are freelancers, but not all freelancers are journalists. Working in freelance writing jobs means that you could be working for multiple companies at once, and it is up to you to find these companies. Article writing is just one of the many writing jobs that are typically done by freelancers. Article writing job basically entails a writer writing an article that is filled with keywords. These keywords are words or phrases that people frequently type into Google, for instance, a TV repair service may hire you to write an article with the keyword “affordable TV repair”.  When your article is published, a consumer who types “affordable TV repair” into Google will be directed to your client’s webpage.

Article writing is a form of ghostwriting, as you will not actually get any credit for your work. The upside is that ghostwriters usually make a lot of money per project. As a ghostwriter, you could end up writing anything from a poem to an article to a full length novel, so you will likely never get bored. As a ghostwriter, you will have to diligently search for clients in order to get work, and it may be harder because your name will not be established. However, many clients will often refer you to other clients, and if a client likes you he may decide to use you for all of his projects in the future. Ghostwriters charge their own rates and are their own boss, so you get to pick your own schedule and write as much or as little as you want.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities and writing jobs available. Get started today! Go to Job Board and begin writing.


2 thoughts on “Making a Living with Writing Jobs

  1. Making a living with writing jobs is the best opportunity ever to my mind.

    The way i see it , it’s the only domain open to all freely but only the best can prove themselves in a plain and just way.

    It’s the only place where there’s no room for tricksters to fake or feign and impostors to fraud and play roles .

    Many may declare loudly they are good swimmers with diplomas in hands. Writing Jobs is the lake for the so called good swimmers to prove themselves.

    Besides, it’s a good chance for talented people to display their talent and spread out their skills in a great parade.

    Good Luck with it for the true writers !


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