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Learn Key Local Language Phrases While Traveling To A Foreign Country

Traveling to a foreign country is the opportunity of a lifetime. To make sure it stays that way, you need to learn key local language phrases specific to that place. For most parts, this is a helpful approach. However, under many circumstances, you may find that it’s actually necessary. Whether it’s to Europe, to Asia or to Africa you’re headed next, there are some local language phrases that will make your life during travel a lot easier.

Hello and goodbye

These are important words that you can easily overlook. Why? Because you say them too often day in and day out. As a result, you get used to them and may not consciously feel they are necessary. However, they are because they are simplest words you could use to greet and bid farewell.

Thank you, please and sorry

When traveling to a foreign country, phrases you should know include ‘thank you’, ‘please’ and ‘sorry’. The art of humbleness is best carried out with these words and the situation doesn’t change no matter which place you’re touring. These otherwise oft-spoken words can also be effective icebreakers in a foreign land.

Yes and No

Very basic, you may say, these words are. However, that is precisely why they’ll hold you in good stead when needed. You can miss out large chunks of conversation if you don’t know these words. In the same way, a native speaker might not be able to understand you fully if you don’t utter ‘yes’ and ‘no’ at the right places. Under certain circumstances, to appear more polite, you may have to use these words with ‘please’.

Excuse me

This phrase is a mark of politeness in most situations. So, don’t forget learning this one. It will help you out in situations where you have to make your presence felt without being intrusive. It will also help you garner attention when you’re in a crowd.

I am sorry

If you’ve done something wrong, then only this phrase can bail you out when you’re in conversation with a native speaker. Remember, if you can’t apologize at the right place, at the right time, life can be difficult when you’re traveling abroad.
I would like

When you’re trying to learn key local language phrases, don’t forget this one. This would help you assert in many situations. However, more importantly, it would also let a native speaker know your preference for something particular.

I don’t understand

You’re having difficulty understanding something that someone is saying in a foreign land. How do you say it? Utter this necessary phrase whenever you think there is a chance of misunderstood communication with a native speaker.

Please speak slowly

When traveling to a foreign country, this is one of the phrases you should know. Reason? The native language of the land you’re traveling to is not your language. So, there’s a possibility that you may not understand everything that a native speaker has to say. Once you’ve blurted this out, a native speaker realizes that he/she may be going too fast.

How much is it?

Even in a foreign land, you have no choice but to go about daily chores like shopping. Whether you’re shopping for fun or buying essentials, this phrase is important.

Where is the?

To state the obvious, you won’t know every nook and corner of the land you are traveling to. And that’s one of the many reasons why you’d need to use of the help of this phrase. It makes finding your way (or even looking for something you can’t find) easy.

Even if you are multilingual, you may not know all the world’s languages. That’s where the need to learn key local language phrases comes in. Think of it as a preparation that would make living easy in a new place – even if it’s just for a couple of days.


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