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Learn English the fun and easy way

Most non native speakers believe that learning English is a difficult task. They think that one can learn the Queen’s language only by getting completely surrounded by it. This is not always true. There are many fun ways of learning English. Here is a list of the easiest and quickest ways to learn English. These are also fun, so you will not get bored:

Listen To Podcasts and Radio Channels

There are numerous radio channels that play English songs. You can listen to them whenever you want. You can also subscribe to different podcasts via iTunes or other media. This will keep you abreast of the latest in music as well. You can also listen to English songs on the TV.

Talk to Yourself

One of the best ways to learn English is to talk to yourself in it. This also builds up your confidence. You do not necessarily have to be grammatically correct as long as you know how to put your thoughts in words. Being wrong wouldn’t matter when you wouldn’t be talking to anyone else. Slowly you will be able to correct your grammar. This method also helps improve your pronunciation.

Watch YouTube Videos

Keep a tab on the latest videos on YouTube. Most of them are really funny, so it will be less of learning and more of having fun. You can learn a lot of sentences and new words from the comments. Also, you can find many English teaching channels on YouTube. You can also watch sing-along videos. These videos show lyrics of the songs being played.

Read Newspapers and Magazines

Subscribe to the best English newspaper in your town. Read the editorials and opinion daily. It will help you understand complex and simple sentences. Try to break the longer sentences into smaller ones. This will help to improve your editing skills as well.

Observe People

Whenever you see people talking in English, pay attention. Try to understand what they are saying and learn new words. Observe the way they pronounce words. This helps to learn how to speak and behave in a social circle.

Watch English TV Shows

This is perhaps the latest fad. People try to learn English by watching the latest TV series. You do not need to understand every sentence. Just try to grab hold of as much you can understand. Watching movies will also interest you. Stop watching English movies dubbed in your native language. Better still, try watching with subtitles. This will help you understand the sentences better.

Get Help from Facebook

If you are a Facebook addict, then make the most of it. There are many people who keep posting latest news or information. Start conversing with them in English. If you have teachers in your list, talk to them about your studies. Even if you are chatting personally, talk in English.

Try, Try Till You Succeed!

Keep talking in English. Even if you pronounce words wrong, it does not matter. Gain confidence by talking to yourself or strangers. Discuss the day’s happening with your family. If you have friends who are good at English, ask them to converse in English with you.

These are just some points you might find helpful. The actual application depends on you. Just do not be scared to speak in English. The most harm you can do is going wrong, which is the first step towards success!


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