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Importance of Learning English as a World Citizen

The English language is certainly the most dominant world language. There is no country that does not have English speakers. Those who do not know English, even broken English, are clearly lagging behind in every walk of life. From college admissions, to cracking job interviews, the importance of the English language is seen and felt everywhere. Its knowledge makes you a citizen of not just one country, but the world, and opens up unimaginable opportunities in life.

Why the English language is important in every aspect of life

Education: A staggering majority of higher study programs are conducted in the English language. Countries like the UK and USA, home to the two prominent varieties of the language, offer some of the best education programs. Needless to say, barring language courses, every UK and US University conducts its certificate, graduate, and postgraduate programs in English. In addition, libraries, journals, educational magazines, and bulletins are all published in their native language. Even in countries which are multilingual, English is mostly positioned as the second most important language.

Profession: Studies have shown that candidates who display proficiency in English get picked up 8 out of 10 times. Hence, to join your dream job in any country, especially in an English-speaking country, you must be fluent in this language. Whether you’re an aspiring doctor, engineer, academician, sportsperson, or electrician, you must learn English to progress in your field. Most companies also conduct business English training courses for employees.

Culture: With widening horizons, it’s the time for cultural intermingling. Since English is the most recognized language over the world, it promotes healthy cultural interaction. This is why more people want to learn English than any other language. It is a great way to learn other cultures. Learning English fosters bonds of friendship, understanding, and peace among different people. It also introduces one to great literary, scientific, political, socioeconomic and technological books, biographies, and discoveries.

Travel: If you are away in a distant land and you don’t understand their native language, knowledge of English can save you. Even if it’s a completely far off place, you will certainly find someone who understands a bit of English. This is why knowledge of English can be treated as a survival skill.

Clearly, it is very important to learn English. In these internet times when the next country is just a click way, it is wise to be familiar with the world’s favorite language. Regardless of nationality, age, and profession, possessing basic language skill in English is a useful tool in any situation.

So, how well do you speak English?


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