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Is Arabic difficult to learn?

Is Arabic Language a hard language to learn?

Since many of our readers speak Arabic, we have asked some who don’t know the language, to explain why is it so difficult for them to learn Arabic. The paragraphs below, have been written by an American women from her own perspective on the subject.

When choosing which second language to learn, many people consider Arabic. They realize quickly, however, that Arabic is actually a rather difficult language to learn. But while learning the language can be challenging, there are actually a lot of practical benefits to be gained when one masters it. Arabic speakers are highly sought after for government and military jobs, and you will be one step ahead of the competition if you are already fluent in Arabic. You may be unmotivated to learn the language because of the difficulty, but once you understand why it is difficult, you may realize that the Arabic language is far from impossible to learn.

First of all, the Arabic language consists of 28 letters. These are not hard to learn, but then you must realize that a lot of the letters have different forms, depending on where they are in the word. After getting a grasp on the alphabet, you must train yourself to read from right to left vs. left to right. Once you get in the habit of reading right to left, you must remember that the written Arabic language does not contain vowels. This means that the word “tamaam” would be written “tmm”. It is often hard for beginners to read Arabic because all of the words that they just learned are now being written differently in front of them.

Grammar is another issue altogether. For instance, a present tense verb in Arabic has thirteen forms that must be learned, and each of them is commonly used. The verb usually comes before the object of the sentence, so that can get confusing too. Just like in Spanish, many words change based on the gender. When you add in the many unique sentence structure rules, it is easy to see why the Arabic language is considered difficult.

While learning to read and write Arabic, you will also be learning to speak it. On the surface, this does not sound difficult, but then you realize that there are many sounds in the Arabic language that are not present in English. You must learn to speak from the back of your throat in order to properly make some of the sounds required for speaking Arabic.

But while the Arabic language is hard to learn, those who master it feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that is unrivaled by learning most other languages. Plus, you can easily find a job with the government when you are fluent in Arabic, so the challenge is worth it.

Do you agree with her? Do you also find the Arabic language so difficult to learn? Please share with us you opinion on this subject.


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