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Top Language Learning Solutions

A long time ago, the best way that was offered to learn a new language was sitting in a classroom and being taught by a professor. Nowadays things have been made easier and more convenient by way of non-traditional learning courses. Instead of going to a classroom to learn the language of your choice, there are several great courses you can choose that can be done at home in your own time. Learning any new language takes a considerable amount of time and effort, so no matter which way you choose to learn, you will have to be dedicated to become fluent. If you want to give a language learning course a try, below you will find some of the best courses to try.

Rosetta Stone

The number one recommended language learning course is Rosetta Stone. This is a not a crash course in language learning so you must be dedicated to learning. This commitment is one that is long-term but well worth the effort. With this program, you begin by using only the language you are learning. This may sound like an intimidating thing, but it is really great because by not having your original language at your disposal you won’t have any choice but to learn the new language. This increases your chance of being successful. Of course no one will know if you do not follow the rules of the program except for you, and this is why it takes a lot of dedication. This may seem like an odd way to learn a new language, but Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular and successful form of new language acquisition.
Try Rosetta Stone.

Living Language

This is another great course to learn a second language. No matter what your reason for wanting to learn (travel, learning the original language of your family, or just for fun), Living Language can help you. This course provides you with course work books, apps, personal online tutors, an online community of other learners, and audio CD’s to make everything as easy as possible.
Try Living Language


This is an up and coming language course, and even though it has not reached the popularity of the above two courses, but it is well on its way to the top. Since they are just getting off the ground their services are free. As soon as it takes off I imagine that fees will apply for usage. There are several sections for easy learning but at the moment there are only 5 languages to choose from. The best thing about his program is that you can use it even if you are not a beginner. For instance, if you know a bit of the language you wish to learn, you can take the assessment on the course so you can begin learning at the right point for you.
Try Duolingo

The list above is only a sample of what the web has to offer us. There are plenty of website offering ‘free’ language courses, videos, books, language exchange sessions and even formal language degrees of known universities.

Find out more about Online Resources for Languages Learning, or, let us know what is your leading language learning solution.


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